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2016 Vol. 80(1) 70-86

John A. Palmer, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Kruth, J. G., and Joines, W. T. (2016). Taming the Ghost Within: An Approach Toward Addressing Apparent Electronic Poltergeist Activity. Journal of Parapsychology, 80(1), 70-86.


Taming the Ghost Within: An Approach Toward Addressing Apparent Electronic Poltergeist Activity

John G. Kruth and William T. Joines

A report of electrical disturbances in a family home prompted a physician to contact the Rhine Research Center to explore a potential case of RSPK. This investigation provided much anecdotal and some strong evidence for an electronic poltergeist disturbance (EPD), a form of RSPK characterized by the disturbance of electronics and the signals from electronic devices. Strong evidence for EPD activity was observed by a computer systems expert in the behavior of a computer/printer system on a home network. A person-centered research approach was developed based on the advice of RSPK experts and experiencers. Meditation, mindful awareness, and targeted focus are introduced as activities that may help to manage or eliminate the unwanted activity by reducing the anxiety often observed in RSPK agents. In this situation, the EPD events dissipated over a 3-month period. Though family dynamics and other contributing factors complicated the evaluation of the effectiveness of mindfulness and relaxation techniques, the RSPK agent reported a calm and confident attitude after using these techniques regularly. Researchers are encouraged to explore the effects of relaxation and mindful awareness to determine if they are helpful to other RSPK agents in their quest to manage and control unwanted activity.


poltergeist, RSPK, meditation, electronic disturbance, EPD

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