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2022 Vol. 86(1) 168-171

John G Kruth
Parapsychology Press


Murphy-Morgan, C. (2022). The Battle for the Internet. [Review of the book PSI Wars: TED, Wikipedia, and the Battle for the Internet, by Craig Weiler. (Second edition)]. Journal of Parapsychology, 86, 168-171.

Book review

The Battle For the Internet

Reviews of PSI WARS: TED, WIKIPEDIA, AND THE BATTLE FOR THE INTERNET, by Craig Weiler. (Second edition). White Crow Books. 2020. Pp. 270 $18.99 (paperback). $10.70 (ebook). IBSN: 978-1-78677-117-9

Claire Murphy-Morgan

Northumbria University, Newcastle upon-Tyne, UK


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