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2018 Vol. 82(S) 108-117

Etzel Cardeña, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Hyman, R., and Honorton, C. (2018). A Joint Communiqué: The Psi Ganzfeld Controversy. Journal of Parapsychology, 82, Suppl., 106-117.


A Joint Communiqué: The Psi Ganzfeld Controversy

Ray Hyman and Charles Honorton

Instead  of continuing with another round of our debate on the psi ganzfeld  experiments, we decided to collaborate on a joint communiqué. The  Honorton-Hyman debate emphasized the differences in our positions, many  of these being technical in nature. But during a recent discussion, we  realized that we possessed similar viewpoints on many issues concerning  parapsychological research. This communiqué, then, emphasizes these  points of agreement. We agree that there is an overall significant  effect in this data base that cannot reasonably be explained by  selective reporting or multiple analysis. We continue to differ over the  degree to which the effect constitutes evidence for psi, but we agree  that the final verdict awaits the outcome of future experiments  conducted by a broader range of investigators and according to more  stringent standards. We make recommendations about how such experiments  should be conducted and reported. Specific recommendations are about  randomization, judging and feedback procedures, multiple analysis and  statistics, documentation, and the growing role we believe meta-analysis  will play in the evaluation of research quality and the assessment of  moderating variables. We conclude that psi researchers and their critics  share many common goals, and we hope that our joint communiqué will  encourage

future cooperation to further these goals.


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