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2018 Vol. 82(2) 148-197

Etzel Cardeña, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Stanford, R. (2018). Pondering a Journey to the Far Reaches of Mind: An Essay Review of Transcendent Mind. Journal of Parapsychology, 82, 148-197.

Book Review

Pondering a Journey to the Far Reaches of Mind:
An Essay Review of Transcendent Mind

Rex Stanford

Professor Emeritus, St. John’s University

This  review reflects at length on a landmark publication by the American  Psychological Association, a volume whose argumentation, bolstered by  reviews of empirical evidence from parapsychology and other disciplines,  brings into question the view, presumably unquestioned among many  psychologists, that mental functioning, including consciousness, is  solely a consequence of interactions of the physical world, what the  book’s authors term “materialism.” Placing their very divergent thinking  in the public debate arena, these authors boldly espouse the  metaphysically idealistic view that the world is essentially mental or  consciousness-based. Their discussion—perhaps truly alien to many  psychologists—seems to this reviewer generally careful, clearly  articulated, and deeply reflective. Enhancing the volume’s high  educational value, the authors usually note alternative interpretations  of observations. The reviewer felt obliged to note, though, specific  instances in which this generally laudable scholarship upon occasion  lapsed, such as inaccurate rendering of others’ work, empirically  unjustified claims, and failure to identify certain researchers whose  work was discussed. It may be hoped that this conceptually engaging,  rewardingly provocative volume might help awaken psychologists and other  interested parties to there being reasonable grounds to start raising  questions about the seemingly unquestionable.


materialism; idealism; consciousness; time; meta-analysis

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