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2017 Vol. 81(1) 92-95

Etzel Cardeña, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Lane, J. D. (2017). [Review of the book Psychic Phenomena and the Brain: Exploring the Neuropsychology of Psi by Bryan J. Williams]. Journal of Parapsychology, 81,92-95.

Book Review

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA AND THE BRAIN: EXPLORING THE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY OF PSI by Bryan J. Williams. Gladesville, NSW, Australia: Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc., 2015. Pp. xii + 135. ISBN 978-0-9870772-2-6.

James D. Lane

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Duke University School of Medicine

Durham, NC, 27710, USA


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