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2015 Vol. 79(1) 37-52

John A. Palmer, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Parker, A. (2015). The Jungle of Hypnotic Psi: Part 2. Research on Hypnosis Relevant to Psi. Journal of Parapsychology, 79(1), 37-52.


The Jungle of Hypnotic Psi: Part 2. Research on Hypnosis Relevant to Psi

Adrian Parker

Research on hypnosis and on psi has led to disputable correlational findings. This review indicates all the contemporary studies have major methodological weaknesses and failed to produce replicable findings and to predict future psi scores. A critique is made of the correlational approach as largely relating guessing behavior to weak psychological variables of doubtful validity. The net outcome is that research into hypnotic psi, rather than fulfilling the promise of a functional relationship based on solid ground, has become bogged down with correlational variables, methodological flaws, and what appear to be nonreplicable findings. An argument is made for a refocusing of research efforts on the most promising variables, namely “positive dissociation” and “positive schizotypy.” In the absence of full-scale sophisticated projects, the suggestion is that progress can be best made by the study of selected star participants or even so-called virtuoso performers. In this context the health versus pathology issue is a basic one that remains to be resolved. The issues raised are considered to be fundamental ones for a theory of consciousness.


hypnosis, psi, schizotypal personality, trance, consciousness

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