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2015 Vol. 79(1) 20-36

John A. Palmer, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Parker, A. (2015). The Jungle of Hypnotic Psi: Part 1. Research on Hypnosis Relevant to Psi. Journal of Parapsychology, 79(1), 20-36.


The Jungle of Hypnotic Psi: Part 1. Research on Hypnosis Relevant to Psi

Adrian Parker

Contemporary research efforts have attempted to establish a psi-conducive hypnotic state primarily in terms of hypnotizability and dissociation. Much of this appears to be founded on the early historical association between hypnotic and psi phenomena, a misunderstood meta-analysis, and a number of shared variables. In reality, the state concept of hypnosis is still highly disputed and a review of the 60 years of intensive research on hypnosis indicates hypnosis is best seen as a complex combination of various factors: a “jungle of variables” rather than a unitary state. This implies the search for a specific psi-conducive state may be an illusory venture. However, some of the efforts to reduce hypnosis to unconsciously elicited expectancies or “automaticity” appear to reflect the current trend to denigrate the role of conscious processes. Paradoxically, the more dramatic phenomena of hypnosis may instead illustrate the potency of altered belief systems in effecting major changes in psychological processes.


hypnotic state, psi, consciousness, placebo effect

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