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Journal of Parapsychology

The Journal of Parapsychology is the premier peer-reviewed journal in the field of parapsychology.  Subscribe today!

From its beginning in 1937, the Journal of Parapsychology has been recognized worldwide as an authoritative resource for anyone interested in the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. J. B. Rhine and William McDougall of the famed Duke University Parapsychology Lab established the Journal of Parapsychology to share experimental research findings with the scientific community. Their strict criteria for evaluating research reports remain in place today through peer review.


In addition to professionally scrutinized articles about original research, the Journal of Parapsychology includes theoretical discussions, book reviews, correspondence, and abstracts of papers from the Parapsychological Association’s annual convention. Editor John G. Kruth maintains the tradition of thorough research and careful documentation in the Journal of Parapsychology today.

The Journal of Parapsychology is a publication of the Rhine Research Center and Parapsychology Press.

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