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2022 Vol. 86(1) 125-134

John G Kruth
Parapsychology Press


Pederzoli, L., Bilucaglia, M., Prati, E., Matteoli, M., and Tressoldi, P. (2022).  A Pilot Study of Distant ‘Mind-Matter’ Interaction with Digital Photography. Journal of Parapsychology, 86, 125-134.


A Pilot Study of Distant ‘Mind-Matter’ Interaction with Digital Photography

Luciano Pederzoli        Marco Bilucaglia      Elena Prati,

              Marzio Matteoli           Patrizio Tressoldi

EvanLab, Firenze, Italy

Behavior and BrainLab, Università IULM, Milan, Italy

Science of Consciousness Research Group, Studium Patavinum, Università di Padova, Italy

This pilot study explored the possibility of (a) mentally producing, at a geographical distance, predefined images on digital sensors within modern professional-grade photographic equipment, and with (b) sufficient resolution to be objectively verified via a Structural Similarity Index by specialized software for pattern recognition. Three participants, expert in distant ‘mind-matter interaction’ techniques, completed a total of 49 trials. In 6 out of 49 trials (12.2%), the Structural Similarity Index of the ‘target’ image, chosen by the participant for the distant mental influence trial on the camera’s sensor, was greater than that obtained when the target was different. These preliminary results suggest the possibility of using modern cameras to study the putative effects of distant ‘mind-matter’ interactions.


mind-matter interaction; digital photo-sensor; photographic camera

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