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2017 Vol. 81(1) 88-92

Etzel Cardeña, Ph.D.
Parapsychology Press


Kruth, J. G. (2017). [Review of the book Ki or Psi—Anomalous Remote Effects of Mind-body System: Biophysical Approach to Unknown Power by Hideyuki Kokubo]. Journal of Parapsychology, 81, 88-92.

Book Review

KI OR PSI—ANOMALOUS REMOTE EFFECTS OF MIND-BODY SYSTEM: BIOPHYSICAL APPROACH TO UNKNOWN POWER by Hideyuki Kokubo. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, 2015. Pp. vii + 196. $190 (Hardback). ISBN 978-1-63482-954-0.

John G. Kruth

Rhine Research Center

2741 Campus Walk Avenue

Building 500

Durham, NC 27705, USA


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